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Edwards's Pheasant Conservation Workshop on 9th July 2014 in Quang Tri, Vietnam
Edwards’s Pheasant Conservation Workshop on 9th July 2014 in Quang Tri, Vietnam

Recognising the urgent need for conservation action towards the persistence of Edwards’s Pheasant Lophura edwardsi in the wild, the Vietnam Edwards’s Pheasant Working Group (VN EPWP) was established in the Edwards’s Pheasant Conservation Workshop in Quang Tri, Vietnam on 9th July 2014. It is coordinated from Vietnam and welcomes all technical and financial support from national and international individuals and organisations.

It has been suggested that the VN EPWG has biannual meetings to update and share information, as well as for close collaboration among stakeholders in aiming for the ultimate goal of Edwards’s Pheasant survival. With a strong scientific base, deep expertise in bird research, and great concerns over their sustainable survival, Viet Nature Conservation Centre won the participants’ trust and received the honour to be the Coordinator of VN EPWG. Viet Nature will voluntarily support the operation of VN EPWG, enhance the group’s profile and effectiveness, as well as create linkages between VN EPWG and international Edwards’s Pheasant conservation community.

As agreed by members of Vietnam Edwards’s Pheasant Working Group in April 2015, the Action Plan for the Conservation of Edwards’s Pheasant in 2015-2020 with vision to 2030, which was compiled by Viet Nature Conservation Centre on behalf of the group, was widely endorsed as the official action plan of the group to save Edwards’s Pheasant in Vietnam. The plan also received immediate support from international organisations and individuals.

Please click here to download the Action Plan and click here for the List of endorsers for the Action Plan or visit our Resources page for more informative documents on Edwards’s Pheasant.


Simultaneously in the same workshop, the VN EPWG mutually discussed and agreed on a strategic plan for Edwards’s Pheasant, which states the overall conservation goal of is:

To secure, maintain and restore the genetic resources and safe, suitable habitat for a long term persistence of Edwards’s Pheasant in the wild.

Not only acting as an official technical advisory group for Edwards’s Pheasant conservation, the EPWG also plays the role of a network/ forum for its members and interested parties to exchange information, and to conduct collaboration among local stakeholders, conservation NGOs and scientific bodies.


Initial members of the VN EPWG consists of site managers, local forest law enforcement agencies (FPD), national NGOs, research institutions and individual experts, whose names are listed as follows:

  • Dr. Nguyen Cu – Freelance expert/ornithologist
  • Representative(s) of Quang Tri provincial Forest Protection Department
  • Representative(s) of Quang Binh provincial Forest Protection Department
  • Representative(s) of Thua Thien – Hue provincial Forest Protection Department
  • Representative(s) of Ke Go Nature Reserve
  • Representative(s) of Khe Nuoc Trong proposed Nature Reserve
  • Representative(s) of Bac Huong Hoa Nature Reserve
  • Representative(s) of Darkrong Nature Reserve
  • Representative(s) of Phong Dien Nature Reserve
  • Representative(s) of Bach Ma National Park
  • Representative of Hanoi Zoo (Mr. Dang Gia Tung)
  • Representative of Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources (Mr. Ngo Xuan Tuong)
  • Representatives of Viet Nature Conservation Centre (Mr. Le Trong Trai and Ms. Pham Tuan Anh)

Please join us to bring the Edwards’s Pheasant back to its homeland in Vietnam!












to bring the Edwards’s Pheasant

back to its homeland

in Vietnam!