Species Champions

Edwards’s Pheasant Species Champions are sponsors who support us in funding and promoting action for the conservation of Edwards’s Pheasant in Vietnam. In acknowledging their precious contribution to our restless effort against the species’ extinction, Vietnam Edwards’s Pheasant Working Group would like to send our most sincere thanks to all companies, organisations and individuals recognised as Edwards’s Pheasant Species Champions.

We would welcome everyone interested in the persistence of Edwards’s Pheasant to join our sponsorship network and lend a hand to help Edwards’s Pheasant return home safely. Please Contact us to find out more details and opportunities.

 tải xuống  BirdLife International
 tải xuống  BirdLife International Tokyo Office
 tải xuống  BirdLife International Gala Dinner 2013
 conservation-leadership-programme-logo  Conservation Leadership Programme
 ???????????????????  World Land Trust
 species-conservation-fund-logo  The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund